Magento 2.0 Release : Move to the Latest Version


Magento 2.0 is officially released by Magento Team and it is now very popular. Magento 2.0 is getting more attention by the developer and webmasters by its incredible features. Magento always try to give the ultimate features to its user, even it is free and easy to use. Magento 2.0 is the next generation platform with robust modern architecture. Magento is the only ecommerce platform architecture build from the ground up to be open and flexible so you can launch your ideas even faster. It is a mature ecommerce technology so you can take your business online.

As we all knows that magento is a very secure platform to create an ecommerce website and it has been proved over the web as many ecommerce website owners are using it.

Magento Chief Architect Alan Kent said “Magento 2 has taken areas Magento is famous for such as openness and flexibility, and amplified them. It has incorporated best practices around modularity and superior scalability.”

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Magento 2.0 architecture is designed to provide the speed, extensibility and scalability. With an unmatched open and flexible architecture magento gives you complete control to innovate at your phase and on your timeline.

follow Modern Tech Stack – Popular innovative PHP framework with encoding methods.

watch Modular code base – Customization and easily adding or moving functionality according to need.

Extensive & Efficient APIs – To connect an operated skill with any third party solution.

Automated Testing – To speed up the QA Process.

Why to Go for Magento 2.0 – Reasons to Update New Version

New Functionality for Check out option.
Enhanced Speed Performance
Validated Clean Code Base
Comprehensive Database
Better Backend Process
Payment Gateway Process

This is an updated version of Magento, you will get a lot of new features by using Magento 2.0. If you are a eCommerce website holder you should use the latest version to stay updated with the Industry. Weather you are a eCommerce website owners or thinking to make a eCommerce website for your business to make it online, contact us, we have professional Magento developer to deliver you the utmost solutions.


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