WordPress 4.3 beta 3 Released : Software is Still in the Development Phase


WordPress 4.3 beta 3 is now available. WordPress.org has officially announced that it is a security release and you should test your website. WordPress 4.3 beta 4 will be release within a week.

see The site icon feature has been update in under the general setting section and this new panel is called site identity. This panel includes the site title, tagline and icon upload feature. You should go through this new panel and update the settings according to new release.

Site Identity Customizer

http://findlawyersca.com/sex-in-the-classroom-brooke-haven We have seen the changes on our website admin panel and updated the all things. The results is excellent and other wordpress user are looking to update their existing version to wordpress 4.3 beta 3. We are here to discuss about the new changes and the benefits of them. You’ll have to aware of it’s functionality that what’s new in WordPress 4.3 beta 3.

Test your website here – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-beta-tester/

Changes and Benefits of WordPress 4.3 Beta 3 version

The new update will come within a week with more changes but still in some changes in this version are following-

  • The new feature site icon is added in customizer. Konstantin Obenland said “The feature is now complete and requires lots of testing. Please help us ensure the site icon feature works well in both Settings and the Customizer.”
  • Improved Performance for menu in the customizer, as well as bug fixes. This update is great for visual enhancements.
  • Improvement on comments and media list tables.
  • More than 140 changes has done in the last week and various bug fixes.
  • Code documentation improvements.
  • Improvement on password has been added to the installation flow. Strong password will be suggested, during the installation and setting up WordPress.

This release don’t recommend you to run it on the production site as software is still in the development phase. Approach WorldRankSolutions for your website upgradation or any kind of issues related to web development as the company has experts in WordPress CMS.


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